kbox - native usage of blackbox styles within kwin

kbox lets you natively use blackbox, openbox, and fluxbox styles within kwin. Most
styles are rendered correctly, with a few exceptions (read the TODO/Bug list later in this page).

Ability to set custom button positions.
Ability to pick between KDE's titlebar colors and that of the style.
Ability to pick between KDE's titlebar fonts and that of the style.
Ability to pick between KDE's background image/color and that of the style.
Mostly full compatablity with Blackbox 0.6.x styles.
Mostly full compatability with fluxbox and openbox styles. Partial compatability with ancient (Blackbox 0.5.x) styles.

For kbox 0.3, KDE 3.x with Qt 3.0 or above.
For kbox 0.1, KDE 2.x with Qt 2.3.1 or above.

Install Instructions: (from source)
1). download the archive here.
2). unpack the archive
3). in most cases, ./configure (in some cases, you must set the --prefix)
4). then just type make, and then as root, type make install.
5). In KDE, pick "kbox-Blackbox" as the window decoration.

Installing New Styles:

There are a number of places to get new Blackbox styles. Including:
themes.freshmeat.org - blackbox section
themes.freshmeat.org - fluxbox section
Theme Depot - blackbox section
Theme Depot - fluxbox section
Deskmod - blackbox section
Deskmod - fluxbox section
Deviantart - blackbox section
fluxbox.sf.net themes

Once you get some styles, unpack the archive, and copy the style file (usually named the same thing as the packagename,
minus the .tar.gz/.tgz/etc..), to ~/.kde/share/apps/kwin/blackbox-styles/ . If there is a background image provided with
the style and you wish to use it (and not the background image picked with KDE), move it to somethere on your computer
and edit the "rootImage" line in the style file to point to where you put it.

In you wish to use to use background images and colors provided with themes, you should install a copy of bsetroot and bsetimage.
Most styles run these commands. These commands are included with blackbox, fluxbox, or openbox, so if one is installed,
those commands are available.

Also, it is helpful to install Artwiz's fonts if you wish to use the style's fonts. Many blackbox themes use them.


kbox 0.3 (KDE 3.x)
deep.jpg - using the deep style

kbox 0.1 (KDE 2.1.x/2.2.x)
spring.png - using the spring style
helix.png - using the helix style
c64.png - using the c64 style
deadly.png - using the deadly style
supergig.png - using the supergig style
blackhole.png - using the blackhole style

Download: (drop me an email if you've made any other forms of packaging, such as rpms or debs).
Download from sourceforge

Change Log:
0.1->0.3 (Nov 2nd, 2001 -> Jan 18th, 2003)
port to kde3
make window shading behavior more like blackbox (not possible with kde 2.x)
fix kwin reset bug
support using kde's fonts/colors
support using background of style

Todo, and current bugs: (email me for any features or bugs that can be added to this list)
1. no interlacing in some gradient types.
2. port of invert() from blackbox's image.cc doesn't work properly, so it is hackishly done.
3. a few font bugs (xft and qt related)
4. implement sticky button (ala fluxbox)
5. support more openbox additions

brad hughes - the author of blackbox
karol szwed - author of the icewm kwin client, whose icewm config.cpp was ripped for kbox's usage :-)

fault - email- fault@users.sourceforge.net
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